Ensuring School Success for Kids With EGIDs and Allergies 

CURED understands the importance of your child’s care in the school setting. Here are some School Advisory Collaborative methods for educators and parents to ensure that every student enjoys the best possible school experience. 

Steps To Getting A 504 In Place

A sample parent letter to school administration is included in the links above. 

  1. The first step is to bring documentation of a diagnosis from your child’s doctor to your child’s teacher or student services coordinator and request that a 504 be put in place to provide accommodations for the child’s disability.
  2. At this point the 504 coordinator will assign a case manager to schedule a meeting with the team (parents included) to conduct an evaluation to determine the disabling conditions impact on the student in school.
  3. The team will determine what Major Life Activity that May be Affected (by the disabling condition). These include seeing, walking, speaking, standing, hearing, learning, thinking, bending, caring for one’s self, communicating, concentrating, breathing, working, reading, eating, performing manual tasks, the operation of major bodily function, sleeping, lifting, or other(specify).
  4. The team then agrees to the sources of information from which evaluation information will be gathered: Medical reports/health information, adaptive behavior scales/behavior scales, achievement tests, cognitive assessments, language surveys/assessments, parent input, motor assessments, teacher/ psychologist observation, discipline/attendance records, student progress reports/grades, functional behavior assessment, other (specify).
  5. Lastly the team will rely on medical information for eligibility. As a result, you may be asked to obtain specific medical information or medical recommendations from your child’s allergist and/or pediatrician for the Team to review. The team reconvenes within 60 days to determine if plan is needed and develops the plan for needed accommodations in collaboration with the family if it is found that the diagnosed disability has an impact on the child in school.

A 504 Plan consists of the following sections:

  • Describe the student’s mental and/or physical impairment
  • Describe how the mental or physical impairment substantially limits a major life activity
  • Describe the services/accommodations that are necessary
  • State and District-Wide Assessments (Specify needed accommodations, if any)
  • Additional Comments

Person responsible for overseeing and monitoring the plan:

This plan is typically revisited to be revised every one to two years, however parents have the right to request a meeting when they would like, and are encouraged to do so if there are changes to the child’s condition more frequently.