Yisroel’s Story

Yisroel Meir was born in 1997 in Jerusalem Israel. When he was born he was coughing alot. On his second day of life he had several episodes of turning blue. He was later diagnosed with Asthma. Much of his baby hood was with bad asthma and sick constantly with ear infections. He had 4 sets of tubes in his ears. Yisroel Meir could only nurse with me on a very restricted diet of no gluten, milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, whenever we would introduce any formula he would get sick with either asthma or vomiting. I nursed him fully till he was 2 years old because he kept reacting and the doctors were concerned he was following his sister’s footsteps they hoped by my nursing him would build him up that he wouldn’t be as severe as his big sister. He always had a bloated stomach and he had many days when he was young of weakness and just lay they’re staring. He didn’t speak till almost 4 years old.

When he was almost 2 he went to Mt. Sinai with his sister and I. They found he had difficulty swallowing so we took him to a feeding clinic in Tel Aviv and they taught him how to eat. He was on a very limited diet till he was 3 ½. We took him to be evaluated by the doctors in Cincinnati to rule in or out Eosinophilic disorder. When he was evaluated on a very limited diet he scoped clear and we were told he doesn’t have it and we can give him all the food back into his diet. He then started having chronic stomach pain and his stomach bloating. He wasn’t growing or gaining weight. When he was 6 years old or so we had him re evaluated and he was scoped and they found he had Eosinophils in his colon.
Dr. Putnam then put him on asacol and entocort. He was on that for about 2 years and he was doing ok as long as we didn’t wean him. As soon as he was starting to wean he would start up with his symptoms, pain, bloating and barely eating. They saw he wasn’t growing at all so they wanted to get him off the entocort we started the wean and he was having problems so they re-scoped him to see if they correlated with his symptoms and they found he had active colitis. So Dr. Putnam decides to try putting him on 6 MP. Once he was on that for 6 months or so he was weaned off the entocort and then re scoped and we found that the 6 MP alone was able to keep him doing well and he is now growing and gaining real nicely. Yisroel Meir is able to have a normal diet we just restrict his dairy intake we do see a big difference when he has it or not.

We also have seen through his life that he is allergic to almost all antibiotics so when he needs to be treated he is put on steroids with antibiotics. When he was young he had a very low IGA that didn’t register. He had many infections ear and pneumonia and he suffered terribly with asthma. Since being in America his asthma is better and so are his infections. He is now a very bright loveable boy.